​As Chennai Faces Worst Rainfall In 100 Years, Here’s How Social Media Is Helping

Posted on December 2, 2015 in Media, Society

By YKA Staff

Heavy rainfall in Chennai over the past few weeks have nearly drowned the city. A 14 hour downpour of 20 cm rainfall on Tuesday (1st December 2015) broke a 100 year record with a single day’s rain exceeding the monthly average, leaving more than half of the Tamil Nadu capital marooned. Schools, colleges, and many factories have been closed, even 60% of the power supply has been cut off. The Chennai airport has also been temporarily shut all flights to the city cancelled.

Nearly 200 people have lost their lives in rain related incidents, and the Meteorological department says that the worst is not yet over. The city is likely to face four more days of heavy rainfall.
With thousands stranded all over the city, with a limited supply of resources, people are now turning to social media to reach out for help, and aid is being generously offered in return:

The Hindu has also curated a list of people seeking and offering help within the city.

In addition, Zomato is offering is offering meals for flood relief which can be accessed here.

If you, or anyone you know, are stranded in the Chennai floods, the following helplines have been set up to provide support.

As Chennai, and the rest of the country step forward to help, you can do you bit too. Use the following hashtags to target specific people and activities to help the right information reach those affected.

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