Shit Indian Leaders Said In 2015: And Boy Did They Keep It Coming!

Posted on December 24, 2015 in Politics, Staff Picks

By Ankita Mukhopadhyay

Indian politicians are very well known for making politically (in)correct statements. Some are just plain stupid, some scandalous. 2015 has been an eventful year for politics, with it being Modi’s second year in reign and the advent of the Bihar elections. The country has also been marred by the ‘intolerance’ debate with writers and directors returning awards. But our politicians have not strayed away from making their opinions known! Here are some priceless quotes from our dearest politicians in 2015:

Leader 1

– Why don’t we just prove that rape itself isn’t possible? Might save you a lot of political outrage, sir!

Leader 2

– I guess stereotyping is safe now.

Leader 3

– No one gets Pakistan more tourism than you do, my dear Shiv Sainiks.

Leader 4

– It is amazing to see how much our politicians think about Pakistan and want to send everybody there.

Leader 5

– Bhai kisi ko toh chod do.

Leader 6

– Looks like someone is not very happy that we got freedom from colonial rule.

Leader 7

– I lal-salaam you for this one, Sir.

Leader 8

– Yes it is, and they watch sinister TV shows like Teletubbies.

Leader 9

– Yes, why should women be bothered about foreign policy and fighting terrorism?

Leader 10

– Women and men are equal? Blasphemy!

Even though he isn’t a leader, he deserves to make it to this list…
Leader 11
– Mr. Vadra, if you are involved in lesser scams, hopefully people will leave you alone. Do take this advice.