14 Beautiful Photos That Show How Discriminatory Laws Can’t Dent LGBT+ Pride

Posted on December 1, 2015 in Lists, Society

By YKA Staff
Photos by: Manira Chaudhary

It was a riot of colours in the heart of Delhi  on the afternoon of November 29th.

Every year, the last Sunday of November is celebrated as the day of ‘Pride’ by the LGBTQIA+ Community as many come together and march for the solidarity, equal rights and freedom.
This Sunday too, 8th year in a row, hundreds marched the 2 Km stretch from Barakhamba Road to Jantar Mantar raising placard, rainbow flags and balloons, under the warm winter sun. Slogans were raised, songs were sung and there was a pervasive feeling of unity and revelry. People threw conventions to the air and draped themselves in the most vibrant and colourful attires holding posters proudly asserting their identity and support for the cause. The march concluded with a club of performances on a stage set up in Jantar Mantar following a powerful speech made by the renowned Transgender Rights activist Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi against Section 377.

Youth Ki Awaaz too joined the merriment and captured moments of free expression of love and affection in photographs.

Happy Pride!

queer pride parade 2015 13

queer pride parade 2015 1

queer pride parade 2015 2

queer pride parade 2015 3

queer pride parade 2015 4

queer pride parade 2015 5

queer pride parade 2015 6

queer pride parade 2015 7

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queer pride parade 2015 12

Watch some beautiful and inspiring moments from the pride march!

Delhi Queer Pride 2015“Hum nahin maante Section 377 ko!”Sunday, Delhi: Hundreds of people marched for equal rights, and acceptance, and raised their voice against the discrimination of the LGBT+ community. Team Youth Ki Awaaz was there too and we captured some beautiful and inspiring moments from the pride march. Take a look!

Posted by Youth Ki Awaaz on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

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