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Fatwa For IS Fighters Reveals The Sexual Torture Their Female Captives Are Subject To

Posted on December 29, 2015 in GlobeScope

News by YKA Staff:

Horrifying details of how Islamic State treats its women captives have emerged with a fatwa dated January 29, 2015 that reveals in explicit detail what ‘brothers’ must ‘avoid’ when it comes to sexual relations with their female captives. Set down by the Islamic State’s Committee of Research and Fatwas, the document was apparently recovered during a raid in Syria by the US Special Operation Forces.

In this codification of sexual relations, the Committee has put down how an IS fighter is not to have sex with a female captive if she is menstruating or in a way that causes her to abort if she is pregnant.

If the fighter has a female captive who also has a daughter ‘suitable for intercourse’, he can have sex with the daughter but then the mother is completely ‘off-limits’ to him. And if he chooses the mother, he must not touch the daughter. Similarly in the case of sisters, he is allowed sex with only one of them. The other one he has to either release, sell or give away.

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Previous reports coming from the regions plagued by the IS menace have revealed how girls as young as 12 were being sexually assaulted, especially those belonging to the Yazidi minority community. This is what came out when Human Rights Watch interviewed some of those women who had managed to escape from the IS stronghold in Iraq:

“The 11 women and 9 girls Human Rights Watch interviewed had escaped between September 2014 and January 2015. Half, including two 12-year-old girls, said they had been raped – some multiple times and by several ISIS fighters. Nearly all of them said they had been forced into marriage; sold, in some cases a number of times; or given as “gifts.” The women and girls also witnessed other captives being abused.”

The fatwa lays down further rules such as how a son and a father may not share their individual captives, and in case two or more people are jointly ‘involved in purchasing a female captive’, none of them can have intercourse with her because she comes under ‘joint-ownership’.

The fatwa closes with pointers on how the captor must not ill-treat his captive, be compassionate and kind towards her, not assign her work she cannot do nor humiliate her in any way. And in case he is planning to sell her off, to make sure that the new owner isn’t someone who is going to treat her badly or do unto her what ‘Allah has forbidden’.