Animal Cruelty Has Hit A Terrible New Low With This. Watch At Your Own Risk

Posted on December 16, 2015 in Environment

By Ankita Mukhopadhyay:

Trigger Warning: This post contains disturbing footage.

Exactly a year ago, on 15th December 2014, a majority in the Norwegian Parliament voted to ask the Government to consider a ban on fur farms in Norway. Time and again, Norway has come under fire from animal rights activists across the world, for its claims about running an ‘ethical’ fur farming system in the country. Currently, there are over 500 fur farms in the country, where animals like foxes and minks are bred and killed for their fur. Denmark is the world’s largest producer of mink skins with an annual production of around 17 million skins. Other key fur producing countries are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, China and the US.

There are still many designers who continually use fur in the fashion industry, which is alarming, given the fact that there are many other alternatives to fur, in the form of synthetic substances.

This shocking video reveals what actually goes in a Norwegian fur farm and at what cost we humans consume fur products. Norway may be ranked first on the Human Development Index, but when it comes to animals, it has a long way ahead!