Watch Artist Vishal Dadlani Take Down Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’ In Under 2 Minutes

Posted on December 26, 2015 in Media, Society, Video

Please share this video extensively. I try to explain, in Hindi, why #FreeBasics is a sham, and is in fact, against #NetNeutrality.I think it's crucial that this discussion go beyond just the English-speaking internet-world. We need huge numbers to combat this , so get to NOW, and register your objection.

Posted by Vishal Dadlani on Friday, December 25, 2015

“Facebook humein ulloo bana raha hai.” 

“Facebook is making fools of us,” says music director and singer Vishal Dadlani on a video he uploaded on his Facebook page. Dadlani, known to be vocal about issues like corruption and gender imbalance, stands up for net neutrality in this video as he tries to tell you what Facebook won’t about its ‘Free Basics’, previously known as (Dadlani mentions this as by mistake, something he has corrected in the comments). He explains the hollowness of Free Basics’s claim regarding a free and fair internet and in just 1 minute 40 seconds, urges citizens to not become “victims of this scam”. (Read this post about how Facebook is getting people to mistakenly sign their petition)

Watch the video and know more. Read these 10 points  to understand what Facebook isn’t telling you about Free Basics. To show your support for net neutrality,  head to and send a letter to TRAI. You can also change your cover photo on Facebook, like we have, to publicly make your opinion heard.