Move Over AIB, The British Parliament Taking On Donald Trump Is The Roast You Should See!

Posted on January 22, 2016 in GlobeScope, Politics, Video

By Lipi Mehta:

Move over the roast of Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber, it’s THIS roast that you need to see! On January 18, the UK Parliament met to discuss and debate two heavily-signed e-petitions (they garnered 100K+ signatures) about whether US Presidential candidate Donald Trump should be excluded from entering the country.

What ensued was an exceptionally hilarious take-down of Trump, where MPs slammed his bigotry and racism with the choicest of words (that Shakespeare would surely be proud of)! Blimey Donald Trump, I don’t know if you’ll be banned from Britain but I do know that you’ll be met with “the classic British response of ridicule”! Sit back, have some English breakfast tea (if you may) and enjoy this video while I go and frame my new favourite word ‘Wazoock’ on the wall.

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Here’s The UK’s Parliamentary Roast Of Donald TrumpDonald J. Trump gets roasted by the UK Parliament

Posted by NowThis Election on Monday, 18 January 2016