Mickey, Spongebob And 48 Other Lovable Cartoons Have Some Amazing Life Lessons For You

Posted on January 8, 2016 in Culture-Vulture

By Sakshi Jain

As we hark back to our childhood experiences of venerating our favourite animated characters that kept us glued to the television, a sudden sense of nostalgia dawns upon us.

I still remember how much I fancied the Disney Characters. Clothes, birthday cakes, everything had to have these two on them. As I reminisce now, a sudden realisation of the metamorphosis of ‘admiration’ for my favourite characters into a ‘life lesson’ dawns upon me that failed my attention.

My admiration for Mickey’s cheery disposition and distaste for Donald Duck because of his grumpy face can’t just be attributed to an unexplained child psyche. The lesson of ‘spreading happiness by being happy oneself’ in my life is a result of that admiration. In hindsight, my admiration for my favourite breakfast show’s character Noddy taught me the lesson of ‘life being an adventure in itself’. Often, our childhood animated heroes convey more to us than just keeping us entertained. I discovered my set of lessons from my favourite animated heroes. Maybe, you can do it too.

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