This 10 Minute Video Exposes Just How Messed Up India’s Education System Is #OccupyUGC

Posted on January 3, 2016 in Campus Watch, Video

By Lipi Mehta:

The state of our education system is a bit like the condition of the endangered Olive Ridley turtle or like Salman Khan’s car. Confused? You won’t be after you watch Media Collective’s latest video. It has been 75 days since the Occupy UGC protests first started in India, against the discontinuation of the non-NET Fellowship and the struggle still continues as students assert their right to subsidized education. But what happened when the students decided to protest and march to the Parliament to demand their rights? They faced water cannons, tear gas and sound bombs, tear gas and sound bombs by the Delhi Police.

Watch this video, and you’re sure to be left with a lot to think about.

Starting from the 1980s when more colleges started opening in India and the country experienced a shift of balance in education, with more privatisation, to 2005, when India offered higher education under the WTO-GATS agreement, the video proves how the very foundation of much of education planning in India is flawed. Cut to 2015, it blasts through the recent commodification of education in India and sends a powerful message of how education is a fundamental right. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or not, this video is relevant to every one of us in India today.

To know more about the #OccupyUGC movement and the issue of non-NET Fellowship, click here.

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