Watch How A Tea Stall Owner Is Making Sure Kids In His Community Don’t Drop Out Of School

Posted on January 21, 2016 in Havells, Hawa Badlegi

By Lipi Mehta

What is the best gift that one can give to a child? Prakash Rao, a tea stall owner in Cuttack has found the best answer to this question. At the age of 7, he had to leave his education because he was required to help at his father’s tea stall. Cut to 50 years later, today, he is ensuring that the slum children in his community don’t have to face the same. “Enough children were not going to school, so I brought the school to them,” he says.

With his unique, selfless ways he has found a means of not only changing the day-to-day lives of children but is helping them shape their future. He is known as a ‘local hero’ and he wears that label with equal pride and responsibility. More than anything, at a time when change seems slow and gradual, here’s a man whose actions show the power of the individual. If the individual chooses to make a difference, he can, and Prakash Rao has proven it.

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