Twitter Users Share Childhood Memories Of Sex Education: Ridiculous, Hopeful, Sad

Posted on January 17, 2016 in Sex, Society

By Lipi Mehta:

Agents Of Ishq is a multimedia project about love, sex and desire, spearheaded by badass filmmaker Paromita Vohra. Often, various ‘agents’ get together on Twitter and have lovely, open conversations on topics still considered taboo in Indian society. Recently, they were on a mission to collect memories and experiences of receiving sex education in order to understand how much importance we give (rather, don’t give) to this crucial topic.

Some #sexedmemories were ridiculous, some hopeful and some just plain sad – but all of them, a mirror to where we live and how most of us have grown up. Take a look at some here and if you have any sex ed memories to share, please do share them openly as a comment below!

1. The story of many classrooms in India.

2. Fast and practical, isn’t it?

3. Quite the reason to be homeschooled.

4. We do it, but we can’t openly talk about it!

5. Some good at least.

6. Best protective measure.

7. Times, they are a (not) changing.

8. And finally, Agents Of Ishq says it like it is.