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YKA’s Kickass Illustrator Shares 11 Of Her Favourites That Got You Thinking

Posted on January 9, 2016 in Columns, Staff Picks, The Drawing Room

By Maitri Dore:

I enjoy making illustrations that are of social and political relevance and often this involves taking digs at the party in power or existing social hierarchies. I started out distinctly partial to gender issues, but by the end of the year, had tried to embrace varied topics. The other big topic that found ample space for discussion in The Drawing Room, was the intolerance debate and many of my cartoons chronicle the relevant events of this past year. Here are some of my personal favourites:

1. License To Rape

Marital Rape final
When I drew this one, I wondered what the opposition to a law criminalising marital rape could be. The comments section turned into a veritable battlefield and I quickly realised how polarising the issue of women’s rights could be amongst the YKA audience.

2. Say Cheese And Do The Yoga

maitri dore yoga illustration
Drawing PM Modi is fun and Baba Ramdev ‘funner’ still. Yoga and selfies only make the scene more delightful.

3. As Yudhishtra gets FTII

maitri dore mahabharata
This was the first of many drawings that highlighted protests against the centre, the FTII protests even having spilled over into 2016.

4. Skirting Around The Pants

maitri dore cambridge university dress code
One of my absolute favourites because it combines gender issues and wordplay and is about a positive nugget of news.

5. Quit India Revived

maitri dore independence day
Amit Shah and Modi share great camaraderie in my sketchbook and Independence Day was a good time to showcase it again.

6. Because There Is Nothing Capital About This Punishment

maitri dore yakub memon death penalty

While many cartoons end with a question or depict a possibility, this one is clear in the stand that it takes. For me, that’s where it stands out from the others in my list.

7. The Price Of Rational Thinking?

maitri dore kalburgi extremism freedom of speech

I like this one for its simplicity of drawing but seriousness of the message. Merely what the hand holds, becomes so symbolic and loaded with meaning.

8. India – The Land Of Mob Justice

maitri dore beef lynching animal farm

One can’t talk about 2015 and not mention cows. It’s almost as if Orwell saw what was coming when he spouted those iconic lines.

9. No One’s Decision But Mine

maitri dore abortion abort the stigma

Thanks to the campaign by YKA and CREA, this cartoon was widely shared. It was interesting to read the comments posted, many against abortion, but the majority, pro-choice. Either way, a debate was sparked.

10. In Your Face

maitri dore award return ink smearing
With so many protests happening all over the country, this drawing was an attempt to put in perspective the ink smearing. I’ve grown fond of drawing cartoons in a series, the last frame, trying to zero in on a point but not quite giving it away.

11. You Can’t Burst Our Pride!

maitri dore shashi tharoor section 377

LGBT+ issues found illustration space again, as the year ended with Tharoor’s bill being vetoed. In some sense, this gives me further impetus to continue to highlight issues related to gender and sexuality in 2016.