Is Smoking Cool Or Just For Fools? Here Is What The Aligarh Janta Has To Say!

Posted on January 4, 2016 in Campus Watch, Health and Life, Video

By Aiman Zehra

While some people cringe at the very thought of smoking and contact with smokers, others embrace the habit and consider it a good pastime, and a cure-all. With more and more women smoking now than ever before in India, discrimination toward women smokers seems to be fading away. But is it all for good?

This vox-pop video, produced by students of Aligarh Muslim University, captures the attitudes of the public with respect to smoking ‒ both passive and active. The video has been shot in and around the city of Aligarh in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Interviews throw light at the underlying psychological reasons for smoking, level of understanding of the medical impacts of smoking, and associated attitudes of risk taking and/or indifference among smokers, and strong negative opinions of non-smokers with respect to smoking generally as well as publicly.

‘Sutta Nation’ was adjudged first in Experimental Film category of 8th Film Saaz (2015), an International Film Festival organized by Aligarh Muslim University.

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