Watch This Ad That Blasts The Notion That ‘Ghar Ka Kaam’ Is Only For Women

Posted on February 21, 2016 in Culture-Vulture, Sexism And Patriarchy, Video

By Lipi Mehta:

The minute I saw this latest ad by Ariel, I sent it to my mother and my father. My mother shared it on Facebook and immediately messaged me saying thank you, that she saw herself in it. My father didn’t reply. I waited till the end of the day and saw him replying to other messages, but he said nothing to this one. But this silence had given me the reply I wanted. I guess that’s what the effect of this ad is – it probably makes some people feel guilty, and it hits you hard either way, whether you choose to express yourself or not.

A woman hustles and bustles around her house, heating food for her husband who’s watching TV, cleaning her son’s toys scattered around the house, sending a presentation to a colleague at work. Her father observes in silence and what he chooses to do next is what makes this ad remarkable. After all, why should household work of any kind be only a woman’s job? But here, when you see the woman going about five chores at once, you think about where else you’ve seen this. Perhaps at your house, your friend’s house or at a neighbour’s? It is such a common scenario but one that goes unnoticed, as if this is how it is meant to be. But what I liked best about this ad is how it goes to the root of why this is ‘meant to be’ and boldly challenges it, with a sign of change being promised. It doesn’t pit men against women, it doesn’t finger-point. Rather, it questions and it’ll make you wonder as well.

Watch this and there’s a high chance you’ll be prompted to make a change in your life too, in whatever little way you can.