Twitter Responds To Homophobia With Hilarious #ImQueerBecause Trend

Posted on February 24, 2016 in Cake, LGBTQ, Media

On February 24, Twitter user John Russell Stranger tweeted asking people to battle homophobia by posting sarcastic responses about being queer using the hashtag #imqueerbecause:

And queer twitter literally exploded – with responses ranging from biting, to intense, to ribticklingly hilarious. The hashtag was started to counter the bogus assumption that any form of childhood trauma or abuse leads to someone ‘turning gay’ or LGBTQ – which is surprisingly common amongst homophobes – and slowly evolved into a full-scale attack on common stereotypes associated with the LGBT+ community.

There were some hillarious responses:

Some people blamed it on “queer” food:

Some people took on stereotypes head on:

The Sarcasm Was Strong With This One:

Soon, Things Got Way Too Real:

All in all, it was a pretty rad twitter trend, and some important misconceptions and stereotypes about LGBTQ people were challenged. You did good, twitter!

Source: Tumblr

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