This Photograph Celebrating Queer Pride In India Was Subjected To Disturbing Homophobia

Posted on February 10, 2016

By YKA Staff

On February 6, Mumbai’s annual pride parade, the Queer Azaadi March, took place with around 7,000 people participating. The atmosphere was joyous, with cries of equality and freedom from discrimination. Photographer Anurag Banerjee was one among this large crowd. Known to capture candid moments around Bombay on his Instagram account, Anurag got some beautiful shots of the parade. One of his photos, an overhead shot with a rainbow flag was featured on Instagram’s official account as part of their Weekend Hashtag Project, #WHPvibrant.

The photo has received more than 3,000 comments from users across the world and many of them, are sadly, very homophobic. That a celebration of love and equality can evoke such a reaction from the public, just shows what a long way we have to go. With the Supreme Court revisiting the curative petition on Section 377, there is hope that the discriminatory law might see its last in India, but unless society becomes more accepting, real change seems far away.

Take a look at the photo and some of the comments it received.

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