Take A Bow! Journalist Ravish Kumar Delivers The Most Iconic Speech In Television History

Posted on February 20, 2016 in Staff Picks, Video

By YKA Staff

“This black screen is the face of the media today.”

At prime time on February 19, amidst the cacophony of what the nation wants to know and what journalists want to say (or rather, shout), NDTV India’s Ravish Kumar took the boldest step that Indian journalism has seen in decades. He ran his show with a black screen to signify the “dark times we’re in” and “so that we may listen” instead of getting swayed away by telecasts that finger-point, mock and silence any differing view.

Ravish definitely served up the biggest reality check that we have seen in recent times and his telecast will show the callous, insensitive levels our society has stooped to – a society that is hell bent on proving itself right on any cost, no matter what the reality may be. He leaves no word unspoken, no stone unturned when it comes to showing this reality – the hypocrisy of popular media (“TV ko TB ho gaya hai”), the ever-occurring phenomenon of ‘mob justice’, cyber bullying and inciting others to join violence, even outside a court of law. And really, what is this insatiable thirst of labelling someone as a traitor, patriot, national or anti-national? Enough is enough, and let Ravish really show you, or rather, tell you why.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB4nLSaMdZw]