Yes Yes Yes! Twitter Celebrates As SC Decides To Revisit Its Judgement On Section 377!

Posted on February 2, 2016 in LGBTQ, Media

By YKA Staff

As of February 2, The Supreme Court of India has agreed to review its December 2013 judgement on Section 377 that criminalised homosexuality in India. It has said that a 5-judge bench will be hearing the case over the next few months. Under Section 377, even consenting adults in India can get up to 10 years in prison for any form of non-penile-vaginal sex. Deemed as ‘unnatural sex’ in the law, it has been the vehicle of prejudice and discrimination against the LGBT+ community in India for over 150 years!

The SC’s latest decision comes after a curative petition was filed by sexual health NGO Naz Foundation against its previous verdict. The 2013 judgement came as a shock as the apex court of India reversed a Delhi High Court that had read down Section 377, calling the LGBT+ community in India a ‘minuscule minority’. This was heavily argued upon as regardless of the community being a ‘minority’ or not, the rights of even a single individual in the world’s largest democracy should matter as much as any majority’s.

A ray of hope can be seen in India today as citizens rejoice amongst chants of ‘No going back!’ and ‘Down with 377!’. Some of the country’s most powerful voices have spoken up about the issue and with more people joining the fight, we can only hope that the coming few months see the end of this archaic, discriminatory law in India.

Here’s how people around the country are feeling today!