[Y]Ral: No More Birds And Bees, This Is The Sex-Ed Video All Kids And Adults Should See

Posted on February 4, 2016 in Sex, Sexual Health, Video

By YKA Staff

How do you talk about that three-letter word (S… shh…E… X – Sex, Sex, Sex – there, we said it and no one died!) that gets many Indians scampering behind locked doors (and sheepishly smiling), in an open, fun and interesting manner? Filmmaker Paromita Vohra might have cracked the answer with ‘Main Aur Meri Body’, a video that initiates a no-holds-barred conversation on sex education and body diversity. Filmed with kids from Mumbai’s Dharavi area, who drive the point across with ease (and swag), this is the sort of initiative that should be taken to classrooms across India.

And even more impressive? It doesn’t stick to gender binaries and acknowledges that sex-ed can’t be ‘taught’ without addressing menstruation, puberty and the hormonal changes that come with both. Packed in with some Bollywood punch and sarson ke khet, in under 12 minutes, this could probably be the most fun sex-ed class you’ll take (which you might not have got at school).

Watch it here and share ahead, because you probably know as well as we do, that people across all ages need to see this now!