2.5 Lakh Die Of This Disease Every Year. Watch How Much (Or Little) We Know About It

Posted on February 26, 2016 in No More TB, Staff Picks, Video

By YKA Staff:

It kills almost 2.5 lakh (250,000) people in India a year, causes a tremendous amount of stigma and isolation for those suffering from it, yet, we know very little about it. Tuberculosis or TB has, much like HIV, caused many TB patients to be treated like outcasts. And not surprisingly, it is a disease that is easily curable.

Almost all of us would have seen the hoardings or ads which clearly state that if coughing persists for over 3 weeks, it can be TB (tuberculosis). But is that all there is to TB? Does it spread by mere proximity to the patient? Does TB affect only the lungs?

Youth Ki Awaaz went around asking people some basic questions about the disease to find out how aware we really are about TB, which has become a much-dreaded and stigmatized word today. Watch. Learn. And spread the word.