This 3 Min Video Shows What Happens When You Let Kids Run Wild With Their Imagination

Posted on March 1, 2016 in Culture-Vulture

By YKA Staff

If you did your schooling in this country, you probably spent countless hours mugging up lines and numbers that you could then successfully throw-up in the exam paper, score those marks and earn yourself a place on the merit list of a top college in the country.

But in trying to do that, we all put something very essential about each and every one of us in the backseat – our ability to be creative and our yearning to imagine.

For a nation that finds its truth and origins in stories, from bedtime ones to epics, storytelling is what we do as a people. So, why then do we stem that tide in a child who just loves to play with words and express himself or herself? Not enough is done in schools to have children run wild with their innocent ideas. Textbooks and straight lines is all that they get, and that’s what is precisely so wrong about our system of ‘education’.

In an interesting experiment by Airtel that says something about what happens when you give a child the freedom to imagine, five children – Nisha, Ashu, Arya, Anjali and Eklavya attempted to complete a story started by bestselling author Amish Tripathi. And what came of it is something truly heart-warming.

Watch, because you never really know when you might come across the next big creative genius…

Editor’s note: This post has been sponsored by Airtel India.