Shit You Not, This Cheeky Video Will Open Your Eyes To Why We Drink Dirty Water

Posted on March 22, 2016

By YKA Staff

Despite India having taken recent steps in bringing forth rural development, there is one issue that’s still a major concern, and that is our continued water crisis. The availability of clean water, and proper sanitation is an issue everywhere, and not just in rural areas. India’s huge and growing population puts a severe strain on our natural resources already, and that, combined with sewage contamination and agricultural runoff, has made the availability of safe water scarce. In such a scenario, it is highly crucial that we try to preserve the clean, safe water we have, and one of the ways to do this is to have proper sanitation facilities. In rural areas, toilets are still a rarity, which causes improper waste disposal—leading to polluted and contaminated water, which can cause major health problems.

To counter this, one of the biggest solutions is to encourage the construction of toilets in every home, which this ad by WaterAid India is trying to achieve. The ad, which they made for the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, puts it in straightforward terms—that the building of toilets will not only preserve water, but will also prevent health problems. It talks about the benefits of proper sanitation, and also mentions how the government is providing an aid of Rs 12,000 to rural families in order to bring about the construction of toilets. This is definitely a message that we should all be taking note of.

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