As Shivali Transitions From Male To Female, Watch What Her Mother Has To Say About It

Posted on March 30, 2016 in LGBTQ, Video

By Rohini Banerjee:

The third instalment of 101 India’s bold series of short films, called ‘Coming Out’ follows the story of Shivali, a transwoman and dancer based in Mumbai. The film, as the title  suggests, talks about her coming out as transgender, but also follows her daily life—the various struggles she faces, and her various hopes and dreams. The film shares with the audience Shivali’s arduous and long-drawn process of transitioning into a woman, something that has helped her find her true self.

Her coming out has not been easy—she mentions how her father and brother have reacted negatively to her identity; abusing and ostracizing her. But her mother has given her full support, and that’s what keeps her going. What makes her story so impactful is not just her experiences with discrimination and hate speech, but her lust for life and passion for dancing. She talks about how important dance is to her, and how, without it, she wouldn’t survive. The video ultimately ends on a hopeful note. She talks about how she dreams of her ‘ideal man’, who would woo her like in fairy tales.