In The Complicated World Of Sexual Consent, Here’s A Desi Video That Explains It Best!

Posted on March 10, 2016 in Sex, Video

By Lipi Mehta:

It’s ridiculous how it’s still a necessity to explain “No means no” in our society, where sexual agency and consent are still far-fetched ‘concepts’. Pathbreaking filmmaker Paromita Vohra is making that explaining easier for us all, through (wait for it) Lavani! Shakku and Megha, two characters clad in the traditional nauvari saree (ghungroos et al), take the viewer into the Valley of Consent (a ‘place’ I personally think everyone should visit and never forget) and deal with being explicit when it comes to sex (Yes, maane yes, No, maane No), the label of being ‘inviting’ or ‘cheap’, and most importantly, the grey area of ‘maybe’.

Under the full moon, in a marketplace, in a cinema hall, they take you through the stories and questions that women think about everyday, with the affable Gaurav Gera (of Chutki-Shopkeeper fame) in tow. A catchy tune, some sensual lip-biting some great dance moves, and some real, hard truths – you won’t be surprised if you find yourself sharing this video immediately after you watch it! And in fact, you must. Get more people to visit the Valley of Consent!