Don’t Make The Mistakes I Did By Following The Herd: From A Concerned Elder Sister

Posted on March 22, 2016 in Society

By Snigdha Priyadarshini:

kabhi_khushi_kabhi_gham_sistersTo my younger sister who is probably going to make the same blunder as me,

Remember some years back, when we did not have any worries about our future and the thriving competition, our dreams soared so high. One day I wanted to be an astronaut, the other day a teacher or a car racer. Remember when I wanted to be a doctor? I even had my own first aid box and I would give out prescriptions to all of you.

And then came a point when I started writing poems and short stories when I was in 6th or 7th standard. And every written word was an accomplishment I would take immense pride in. And there was a little bookworm growing inside me who wanted to be a best-selling author one day.

But then 10th happened! And all the kids were talking about coaching classes and whether to take science or commerce, biology or maths, physical education or computer science. Suddenly, all the big dreams crumbled into these words. These were the options to pick from.

“Science has better scope and is advantageous,” said everyone.

So, science it was.

Not that I wasn’t given an option: ‘Doctor or engineer?’


There it ended. All those big dreams ended at this word. You know how much I loved history and literature. I could have pursued them. But no, I was just a sheep following the herd. The people around me were experienced, they knew what would be better for ‘my’ future.

And here I was sitting for those dreaded competitive exams. I could not get into IITs or NITs and that broke my heart. But luckily I got into a reputed state government college.

And when I entered this new career carved out for me, I kissed my dreams goodbye. It’s my third year at engineering, and not a day goes by when I don’t regret it.

So what if the only time I feel satisfied is when I have a pen in my hand and my imagination runs wild? So what if the novels in my shelf have taught me way more than this heavy load of engineering books?

My worth will now be judged by my C.G.P.A and there is nothing I can do about it.

And you, my little sister, are about to make the same mistake as I did by not following my dreams.

When you were a little girl, you started cooking yummy dishes and assembling the crockery like an expert. You used to watch ‘Master Chef’ wholeheartedly and download recipes from the internet and experiment on us. Of course, you have cooked a few disasters, but you never gave up! You even had your own customised apron. Until few years back, you wanted to be a chef in a five-star hotel. You used to tell me that you wanted to study hotel management. You were so passionate about it. I was so happy to see my younger sister so dedicated and focussed for her future.

What changed?

I know how our own family members and relatives slowly convinced you that hotel management is not a nice option. And other bogus rumours that you will have to work as a waiter even years after pursuing the degree. In the beginning, you paid no heed to the unsolicited advice, but then you gave in.

As you called me few days ago, in full panic mode, asking me how to cram physics and chemistry, I knew what you were up to. You never touched the hotel management entrance preparation book I gave you. You are holding on to H.C. Verma and Arihant series as if they are Bible.

But I ask you, “Do you really want to do this?”

Do you really want to take up the very subjects that you absolutely hate?


Because you like many others are brainwashed into believing that your dreams aren’t ‘worth it’. Who gives anyone the authority to clip our dreams and take life altering decisions for us? You too will be sitting for multiple entrance exams and will rejoice when you get into a prestigious institute. But then, the bubble will burst and you will feel stranded on an island that you cannot escape from.

Don’t let the dreams in your heart be broken by the people who don’t understand them.

Believe me when I say that there are so many things that you can become apart from becoming an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer and the like.

There is still time to decide. Don’t jump in just because the world wants you to do so. I cannot assure you stability in any career path, but I can assure you satisfaction and happiness if you take up something you love.

I am no one to decide for you, but I just sincerely hope you don’t give up your dreams.

With all the love,
Your concerned elder sister.