This Rap Song Exposing The Shallowness And Hypocrisy Of Indian Society Packs A Mean Punch

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Culture-Vulture, Video

By YKA Staff

When you go through the top news of the day with morning chai, you seldom come across something that you aren’t “used to” already. Rape, corruption, caste violence, pollution – what’s new? The impact of the news diminishes with the chai in your cup and soon, it is even forgotten. But unlike this routine morning activity, this video will hit you hard. Rapper Ritansh Azad speaks about a range of disturbing issues at once, exposing the shallow and hypocritical nature of Indian society.

He doesn’t point fingers, he doesn’t blame, he just lays down the issues as they are, and that’s what makes it even more difficult to digest – that all of us are to blame for often choosing to remain silent in the face of gross human rights violations. Watch this video and share – you know someone else needs this hard dose of truth as much as you do.