10 Times Sushma Swaraj Used Twitter Like A Boss And Helped Indians From Around The World

Posted on March 11, 2016 in Media

By YKA Staff

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s Twitter timeline is always buzzing. The way she makes use of Twitter to help Indians across the world is no secret. In fact, even the Opposition has taken note with AAP’s Bhagwant Maan saying, “I want to thank Sushma Swaraj ji. She is doing an exceptionally good job to save our people abroad.” Maan said this in the Lok Sabha referring to how Swaraj rescued 13 members of his constituency who had been enslaved in Saudi Arabia.

Along with the Railway Ministry which is also doing some noteworthy work over Twitter, Swaraj’s presence online is also a good example of how citizens and the government can directly connect with each other.

From reuniting families to helping citizens recover their passport and travel home safe, every request for help, whether small or big, gets the minister’s attention. And in this spirit of accountability, check out what she has been able to achieve in the last few months.

1. When she rescued 168 Indians trapped in Iraq by acting on a video that was tweeted to her.

2. When Pranshu Singhal’s plea to rescue his brother from Doha airport didn’t go unheard.

3. When this Indian citizen lost her passport and money in Berlin and received swift help.

4. When a woman Yemen (married to an Indian), tweeted a photo of her 8-month-old baby and asked to be evacuated safely.


5. When Dev Tamboli’s sister was rescued from the clutches of trafficking from UAE.

6. When Suzanne Lugano’s sister (of Dutch origin) went missing in Rishikesh.

7. When Gopal Keshri tweeted to Swaraj about an Indian origin woman under house arrest in South Africa who may be physically hurt, the minister tweeted that the Indian High Commission in South Africa would get in touch and brought the woman back home safely.

8. When Captain Nikhil Mahajan, brother of the late Captain Tushar Mahajan could pay his last respects to his brother and reach India safely from Washington.

9. When Meera Sharma’s mother met with an accident in Bali and the hospital refused to take insurance guarantee from India.

10. And finally, when she pulled off one of the largest rescue operations in a short span of time in Operation Raahat, where 1,947 foreign nationals and 4,741 Indians were rescued by air and sea routes through war-torn Yemen.