‘I Will Wear A Saree To The Disco But Can You Still Ensure My Safety?’

Posted on April 22, 2016 in Sexism And Patriarchy, Society

By Shikha Pathak:

nightlife-in-gurgaon“Sympathy of the audience shall not be thrown on the side of crime, wrong-doing, evil or sin.” – So reads the commandments of the “Disco-Policy” of the Chandigarh Administration.

Who would have thought, that rising hemlines could be the reason why discotheques are becoming the breeding ground of trouble-mongers and anti-national elements?

In a ridiculous move, the Chandigarh administration has come out with a policy to throttle the city’s nightlife by citing vague reasons like “indecency” and “sedition”! Yes, you heard that right, sedition. The policy titled “Controlling of Places of Public Amusement 2016”, that came into effect on April 1st, is by far the most amusing piece of legislation which empowers the babus to regulate what women wear. It is only after considerable time passed that we realised this was no joke!

The ambiguous policy goes on to threaten the closure of discotheques and nightclubs where “indecency”, “advertisement of scantily dressed women” or “seditious or political discontent” is promoted. However, the dictatorial policy fails to elaborate on what is considered “scanty” and “seditious”!

Clearly, the moral police feel that words like “decent” and “scanty” aren’t as subjective as we know them to be. Furthermore, the nodal office is not bound to state the reasons for cancellation of licences of such discotheques and clubs. If this is an attack on alleged “westernised values”, then why does it need to hide behind a façade of law and order problem? Besides Chandigarh shouldn’t have a problem with “westernisation” given that the city we boast about so often has itself been designed by a Westerner!

Recognised as the epitome of planning, the dual-capital city, has come out with the most impulsive and backdated solution to the issue of safety. So basically, if women don’t “exhibit” their legs, men will stay in control and not transform into beast-like, anti-national elements. Also, the assumption that anti-national activities take place in a venue where one is hardly audible (or for that matter even in their senses) is preposterous.

Agreed, that many violent incidents happen in the near vicinity of discotheques, but the hilarious solution offered by the city administration has left city residents baffled.

Any rational mind would consider steps like increased police patrolling around clubs, regulating the admission age in such discos or maybe checking thoroughly for arms carried in person or vehicles. However, the administration of this beautiful city clearly has more amusing ideas to implement.

So, I write as a resident of Chandigarh and to whomsoever it may concern. I will wear a saree to the club. I will pin the national flag on my chest and shout ‘Vande Mataram’ in-between gyrating to Honey Singh songs. But can you guarantee my safety at 2 a.m. in the night when I leave the nightclub? Can you ensure that another Pathankot won’t be repeated? If you can, please go ahead. If you can’t, maybe it’s time you wear your thinking cap Chandigarh?