Watch: The Story Of A Little Girl And Her Farmer Father, The Way It Ends Will Stun You

Posted on April 19, 2016 in Video

By YKA Staff:

What if your worst nightmare seemed like it was going to come true?

Dhunia, a tiny village girl follows her father everywhere he goes. Like the concerned parent of an unpredictable child, she fears letting him out of her sight. She follows him to the field when he goes to work it with his plough and hides behind a shack while he works. Her father goes about his duty as a farmer with stoic calm. Despite his love for his lovely daughter, he barely has time to spend with her. Dhunia, in stark contrast, is always agitated. She awaits the rain and even hides a rope that one day her father brings home.

At night, Dhunia is barely able to sleep and counts the fathers of her various friends who have died while pointing at the stars, believing that their souls are contained in those heavenly bodies.

The following morning, as her father leaves the house she finds that something she had hidden is amiss and runs to the field behind him. What happens at the end of this video, is sure to bring a lump in your throat.