Prepare To Laugh Out Loud, As Twitter Reacts To Smriti Irani’s Call For Sanskrit At IITs

Posted on April 27, 2016 in Specials

By Lipi Mehta:

I never learned Sanskrit in school (or college) and today, I am wondering if I really missed out on anything. I am saying this because HRD Minister Smriti Irani recently put forth a request to IITs to teach Sanskrit, a move that brought forward many, many mixed responses. According to Irani, this will help “facilitate the study of science and technology as reflected in Sanskrit literature”. Today, IIT Delhi’s director agreed, saying that it would be useful for tech students to learn the language to better understand scientific technology used ages ago. On Twitter, the hashtag #SanskritAndScience began trending with many users actually welcoming the move, stating how it could even be an amazing programming language! A user pointed out that the foundation texts of Ayurveda were written in Sanskrit, while others spoke about its use in philosophy, archaeology and cosmology, among other fields of learning.

However, there was also no dearth of tweets that questioned this move and took it apart hilariously. Do you think it makes sense to introduce Sanskrit at IITs? Read these and tweet your reaction to us: @YouthKiAwaaz

1. Lulz.

2. Imagine nuclear physics + Shakespeare. Boom!

3. Noted.

4. Manish Sisodia can pull a fast one, for sure!

5. Beats me.

6. Look at the larger picture!

7. Is it something to be embarrassed about?

8. An alternative approach.

9. Glad that didn’t happen.

10. Practical question.