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What Comes To Your Mind When I Say The Word ‘Hindu’? And When I Say ‘Muslim’?

Posted on April 8, 2016 in Video


They say labels are for jars, not people. However, that is exactly what we see in the world today. We stereotype and unthinkingly stereotype everyone and everything. That is how all homemakers become women, all breadwinners become men, all drug dealers become blacks and all northeasterners become ‘chinki’.

The problem is, when one person develops a stereotype, it is considered wrong but when a hundred people develop the same stereotype, it becomes an acceptable truth. And over time, the same stereotype becomes invisible.

Today, we read about religious hatred and stereotypes on a daily basis, especially among Hindus and Muslims. However, amidst this, lie some stereotypes that are even more deep-seated than religion. In fact, deep-seated to the extent of being called normal. We wish to highlight one such heavily ingrained stereotype that most often goes unnoticed while addressing the question of religion.

Featured image source: Flickr/Meena Kadri.