“Hope You’re Rebuilt”: How Twitter Is Feeling About The Natural History Museum Tragedy

Posted on April 26, 2016 in Specials

By YKA Staff

Between 1:30 and 2:00 am, a massive fire broke out in Delhi’s Natural History Museum, gutting the 6-storeyed building. Mr. Atul Garg, Additional Director, Delhi Fire Services, told the Hindu that “The entire building has been destroyed”. “The water system in the building was not working, and we had to arrange for water to be brought from a nearby metro station – that was the reason there was so much damage. If the water was working we could have saved a lot more of the building,” a spokesperson from the fire service told The Guardian.

Among the collection that was destroyed was a bone from a sauropod dinosaur, estimated to be 160 million years old. According to The Guardian, it may have belonged to one of the largest animals to have walked the earth. Twitter was brimming with anger and sadness, with users hoping that the museum is rebuilt, and that we actually start caring more about places that preserve our history.

When the fire broke out, around 2 am.

How the building looked once the fire had been put out.

It was a place of childhood memories for many.

“I’ve lost a good friend.”

Will the government wake up?


Is this part of a larger problem?

“Hope you’re rebuilt.” A thread of wonderful memories.

Can only imagine this massive T-Rex statue.

With irreplaceable artefacts destroyed and years of history lost, just like that, we hope this is the wake-up call that’ll turn our attention towards our museums.