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Watch: This Short-Film With An Unexpected Ending Tells Us Why We Must Never Give Up

Posted on April 27, 2016 in Video

By Ish Raheja:

Clouds have always fascinated me. I would often find myself staring at the sky now and then, noticing the odd shapes, the slow but swift movement and clear white shine. I couldn’t help but feel that they have a personality of their own. They would turn gray in anger and soon enough become calm and white again. It was like they were talking to me and I couldn’t help but create a link between us. The constant movement of these clouds often gave me strength to continue moving, and not give up. That’s where the idea for this film first originated. ‘Abr‘ means ‘cloud’ in Urdu, and with this film, we try to draw a parallel between us and the clouds.

It’s never easy to make a film; especially your first. We faced many problems on this journey, and some were rather heartbreaking. We had multiple locations to change, equipment would always be planned but never available, we had no money and thus everything was beg, borrow, steal, and finally one of our actors disappeared mid-shoot. There were so many times we found ourselves on the verge of giving up, but the one thing that kept driving us was the message the film wore – Keep moving.
And we did.

“We are a cloud, but we convince ourselves of being the sky, just so that we keep moving.”