In 2 Minutes, Watch How Your Crystal Body Wash Lands Up On Your Dinner Table

Posted on April 30, 2016 in Environment, Video

By Neetole Mitra:

See those colourful exfoliants swimming in that fancy bottle of body wash you bought the other day? The one that gave you the perfect bathing experience making you think your skin was glowing all through the day? Yes, that. It’s killing our planet. Stop using them.

If you thought, corporate giants were grinding walnut and coconut shells into your products then think again. What you pour all over yourself in the name of beauty rituals is nothing other than tiny plastic beads. Yuck? Yeah.

Better known as microbeads or microplastics, these are yet another product we didn’t think through. Used in abundance in beauty products available in markets around the world, these tiny artificial grains make for a cheap alternative to their natural counterparts.

However, the real problem starts when these non-biodegradable bits seep through the drainage system and into our water bodies, polluting not just the rivers and oceans but also killing sea creatures by clogging their habitat and disturbing the ecological balance profusely.

Of course, something that impacts the environment in such a nefarious manner can’t be a good choice for us. But just to explain things to you in details here’s a video by The Story Of Stuff Project that will tell you why you must stop buying fancy products with these killer beads.