In One Minute, This Ad Will Ensure You Never Waste Water Again

Posted on May 25, 2016 in Environment, Video

By Merril Diniz:

The hospitality industry worldwide, has received much flak for its excessive consumption of water and power, not to mention, the wastage of food. However, in a progressive move, The Marriott in Brazil has joined hands with toothpaste brand Colgate, to generate much-needed awareness on the urgent need to conserve water. Hopefully, their inventive approach will prick the consciences of even the most cold-hearted and oblivious of guests. Watch this video to know what I mean…

Back here in India, too, on World Water Day, Colgate India released an ad, urging consumers to turn off the tap, while brushing their teeth. Leave it on and that’s six litres per minute down the drain, literally! #EveryDropCounts is the message, loud and clear.

Though brands like Colgate have quoted much controversy due to the presence of chemicals in their products, as well as reports that they adhere to the practice of animal testing, such campaigns are a welcome step from brands that continue to be used by people everyday (though, it does not, of course, exonerate them of their past (and ongoing) sins).

Water scarcity, like climate change, is real. The sooner we accept it, the better for our planet. So, turn off the tap, and tighten the faucets when you’re done brushing those pearly whites.