In 2 Minutes, Watch How You Can Find The Courage You’ve Always Had To Fight Depression

Posted on May 27, 2016

By Somaya Iqubal Khan:

I was working with a very good organisation, surrounded by wonderful people, loyal friends and a loving family. It was unreal to suffer from depression because there was no apparent reason to be worried or fear things in my mind, had I been living in the present. But because a larger part of my brain was preoccupied with a past episode, it resulted in a number of anxiety attacks and disturbed my social and personal life. I was perplexed when left alone and needed constant company to keep myself in a ‘normal’ state.

Constant fear was the only thing holding me back which I overcame by following my passion, I resigned from my job, took up writing and published a collection of poems on social issues under the name – Blue Bangles, which gave me a sense of achievement and instilled self-confidence. I started writing about my fears and it made me aware of things happening around me, helped me observe the pain which motivated me to work for the society.

I also took up social work and currently run a media platform named HopeMine on Facebook to share positive and hopeful stories. All this work brought back my power to reason and ability to cope up with my anxiety. I took control by making myself believe that there is nothing that a person cannot do if they are passionate about it. All this work, and the support of my sister and family brought back my power to reason.

This video has been made to break the silence around depression, because of which people suffer behind closed doors.

Depression needs to be addressed, help your loved ones to overcome their fears by making them realise their own ability to reason and empower them with love and support.

#LonelyButNotAlone is Youth Ki Awaaz’s campaign to start conversations around mental health and how we experience it in the urban landscape. ‘Where is home?’ is a continuing audio-visual series that features young people’s stories about coping with loneliness, depression and other mental health issues. Write to us at if you are a filmmaker, photographer, animator or an artist who would like to feature your work as a part of this campaign.

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