“Indira Gandhi Out Of The Parliament”: The Ridiculous ‘Codes’ We Use To Avoid Saying Bra

Posted on May 24, 2016 in Society

By YKA Staff:

You know what many in our society consider dangerous? Dangerous and openly roaming about? Bra straps.

Yep, you heard us.

Exposed bra straps make us hella uncomfortable. Exposed bras too – drying in a balcony, peeping out of someone’s cupboard, hanging in lingerie shops even! The thing is, we associate bras and innerwear in general with ‘self-respect’ and ‘honour’, so much so that a girl who’s bra is showing is labelled ‘uncultured’, ‘slutty’, and what not. We actually have this powerful piece by Anchal Khulbe on why we react this way to bras, and we strongly recommend you read it: Why Do Exposed Bra Straps Make Us Uncomfortable?

And taking this conversation forward is The Ladies Finger. When it was shared on Twitter, Agents of Ishq, a multimedia project on love, sex, and desire, got involved and asked people for euphemisms or other words for bra straps. Just like we say ‘that red-red-thing‘ and what not for menstruation, the answers for this question too were no less ridiculous (and hilarious). Just proves how much more we need to openly talk about this so no other child in school has to talk about “Indira Gandhi getting out of Parliament”! (You’ll know what we mean, read on.)