Yo, Give Captain America A Boyfriend: How Twitter Is Demanding A Queer Superhero

Posted on May 26, 2016 in Cake, Popsicle

Only a few weeks after the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend went viral on social media- urging Disney to make Frozen’s Elsa queer – a greater push for LGBT representation has now come through yet another viral hashtag, this time urging Marvel studios to give popular superhero Captain America a boyfriend. The hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, which was originally started by Twitter user Jess a few days ago, quickly gained traction on social media on Tuesday and Wednesday, and trended worldwide- with over 88 million tweets in support of it. Jess, who is queer herself and a major Marvel fan, told Metro UK that she wanted to start this conversation not only because of her frustration at the abysmal LGBT representation in mainstream media, but also because of her disapppointment at the lack of queer superheroes on mainstream popular culture. What other superhero has more queer potential than Captain America – who has spent nearly three movies expressing his deep devotion to another male character?

Yes, I’m talking about his relationship with Bucky here. In both the comics and the movies Steve’s (Captain America) relationship with best friend Bucky has been charged with homoerotic subtext- a fact that hasn’t escaped the notice of the internet, leading to an extensive Tumblr and Twitter fanbase which is devoted to “shipping” these characters together (i.e, imagining them in a romantic relationship). Naturally, when the call for a boyfriend for the beloved Captain America was sounded, fans (both queer and otherwise) descended upon this hashtag to not just pledge their love for “Stucky” (i.e, Steve+Bucky), but also agitate for their beloved superhero to finally come out of the closet, and show the world that queer superheroes can end up in happy romantic relationships too! Here are some of the most memorable tweets-

In Which This Major Truth Bomb Was Dropped

And This Obvious Fact Was Highlighted

This Heteronormative Hypocrisy Was Pointed Out

And These, Very Important Things, Were Stressed

And Finally, Some Steve-Bucky Feels Were Thrown In For Good Measure

Whether or not either Disney or Marvel will actually take heed of these hashtags is something time will tell, but the very fact that these conversations are being started- and going viral – speaks to how much fans want to see their favourite heroes and heroines give them the queer representation which they have been denied for ages. If you could have a pansexual hero such as Deadpool rake in millions at the box office, the time has definitely arrived for a lesbian Disney princess, and a bisexual superhero. Now the ball is in the court of the studios. It’s 2016, guys! Make this happen!

Fanart Credit: ddTip