Bet You Didn’t Know How Cool India’s National Ice Hockey Team Is (Or That It Exists)

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Sports, Video

By Writu Bose:

Did you know that 12,000 feet above sea level in Ladakh, India has a National Ice Hockey Team? I bet not. It is not stardom, but sheer passion that drives a number of spirited young boys to fight against odds every day to up India’s name in the game.

Despite issues that come with high altitude and lack of basic necessities, the team, called ‘Himalayan Hockey’ has refused to give in and is now aiming for an international win in Kyrgyzstan! So why haven’t we heard of them?

“India doesn’t get behind a team that they know is going to lose. They want to get behind a team that will make them proud,” Adam Sherlip, the coach gives a reality check. But now that we know, here we are, cheering all the way to Ladakh and hoping that they come out victorious!