Why I Think Kangana Ranaut Is A Role Model For Openly Challenging Sexism

Posted on May 11, 2016 in Culture-Vulture, Sexism And Patriarchy

By Aanchal Yadav:

Kangna_at_Venky's_Mumbai_Fighters_versus_Bangkok_Elephants_match_03Here’s to all the witches around the world! Because with power come labels and alienation for every single, independent woman in this world. So yes, here’s to all those who dared to achieve!

Long story cut short, I watched Kangana Ranaut’s interview today and it blew my mind. All the things that she said made me think hard about everything that I live for today. I don’t know about you, but I think she’s a role model. Indeed, it’s a great deal for someone who has been in such a roller coaster ride as her to decide to put all these controversies at bay.

On the one hand, there are movies on women empowerment to “celebrate” the single, independent women of this era; and on the other hand, we fall right back on the ground eating our own words, by defaming the women we laud on the silver screen in real life. Why? Because it is convenient to follow the herd mentality. It’s convenient to be jealous of a woman who is climbing the ladders of success while all you can do is watch because you can’t even offer a helping hand.

Why, do you ask?

Because an independent woman doesn’t ask for your permission, she has her own opinion, she intimidates you as she doesn’t wait for your validation. The day you accept the fact that there are women in this country who are single and don’t need anyone else to live a happy life and moreover, she doesn’t need you to ‘like’ or ‘approve’ of her, you’ll understand what feminism means.

Kangana, you go girl! You are an extraordinary woman on an incredibly extraordinary journey. With all its crazy and mind boggling ups and downs, you have remained gracefully and unapologetically you. How many individuals have the guts to do that? You are one of a kind. A lioness amongst the lambs! I absolutely endorse every single word you say. What a terrific answer. I applaud you.

Why degrade and belittle mental illnesses? Why use terms like ‘whore’ to degrade women (when women in the sex trade deal with the dreadful lives in the most courageous ways in a market that exists primarily to cater to men’s lust)? Why slight or feel disgusted about a woman’s menstrual blood? And why be ashamed of your sentiments (when it is what makes us truly human)? You are the perfect embodiment of what feminism is or should be all about.

Hats off to your indomitable spirit! Stay the same because you inspire many like me.

Do you remember when Hrithik and Suzanne got divorced? He wrote an open letter saying that she wanted the divorce and that he wanted to make things work. He tried to play the wounded, offended party. It is now emerging that he was having an affair at the time.

And look at how he’s now behaving with the lady he was supposedly having an affair with. And he is doing everything in his power to defame and degrade Kangana. He has brought out alleged ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman who is making ridiculous claims about her as well. They are trying to trend hashtags like #CharacterlessKangana. I don’t think they are anything more than weak men attacking a smart, successful woman. Not such an uncommon sight either, is it?

This interview of the lady in question will irritate the hell out of certain Indian men and women. She is openly challenging the sexism of our culture that allows easy defaming of women by using anything sexual to make her shut up.

Even a coordinated media campaigns couldn’t silence Kangana. She is still speaking her mind out and still being an eyesore for all those who want Bollywood to be about talentless heroes but not talented heroines. She’s still awesome (have I said that before?).