“Cut Me Before You Cut My Trees”: How One Man Planted A Whole Forest To Save His Homeland

Posted on May 12, 2016 in Environment, Video

By YKA Staff:

Amidst the degradation of Mother Earth for profit, a quiet revolution is taking place across the world. Where “ordinary citizens”, are translating their conscience into concrete action.

Whether it’s a drive to revive the ancient art of water harvesting to solve our water crisis or the birth of eco-feminism, these movements are spearheaded by people wanting to reverse the damage that’s been done. Perhaps unknown to us, these acts of redemption benefit us all, and we owe a great debt to these individuals.

Like this man in Majuli, who has built something of great value for the people of this tiny river island in Assam. It isn’t a mall or a multiplex. But a piece of real estate that will benefit generations to come.

Watch his story, captured by the National Geographic.