Watch: Why The Mexican Ambassador Takes An Auto To Work Every Day

Posted on May 7, 2016

By YKA Staff:

“So, how do you go from that to being an auto rickshaw driver?” asks Her Excellency Melba Pria, the Mexican Ambassador to India. The driver she’s talking about is the official driver of the ambassador, and “that” is the limousine that the driver is accustomed to driving.

Melba Pria, as one news platform describes her, is a woman who “rides in style”. Her decision to ride in an auto rickshaw has many reasons, prominent among which is the need to bring down pollution. Coming from Mexico City, which at one time was declared the most polluted city in the world, she knows a thing or two about it. She knows that better air needs a multi-pronged approach. So, our odd-even policy, though commendable, might not be enough! Her step, therefore, is not merely about ‘riding in style’. It is also about creating awareness among Indians about this efficient and safer means of transport.

In this short interview, she talks about the initial reactions to her decision, the protocol that she had to adhere to, which sometimes borders on the ridiculous, the story of how she customised her ride and more. We also get to hear from her driver whose tone reveals the respect and admiration he has for his employer.

Video by 101 India

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