How The Nepal Earthquake Changed Life For This 16-Year-Old In An Incredible Way

Posted on May 2, 2016 in Disability Rights, Video

By Merril Diniz:

For years Amir Bomjon would sit listlessly in his balcony, wondering what life had in store for him, and what was his true purpose on earth. Amir was born without the use of his legs and hands, reducing his mobility, almost completely. But like all artists, 16-year old Amir eventually found his voice – by pouring his pain into painting, poetry and songs.

In 2015, the Nepal earthquake rendered him homeless and he lived for four months with his family under a tarp. This video depicts Amir’s artistic chops and a mind that is alive with ideas, hopes and dreams…

Over 8000 people perished in the Nepal Earthquake. But of this calamity, also emerged a remarkable opportunity – many children with disabilities got a real shot at life. Like Amir these children had been shunned by local schools as well as medical systems, thus making a basic right – education – inaccessible to them.

When aid workers from the Karuna Foundation, a partner of UNICEF saw their plight, they mobilised their resources into helping 5000 children with disabilities, get the opportunities they deserved.

Amir (who has arthrogryposis multiplex congenital), was admitted to the Serc school in Kathmandu, where he is now able to shine. He lives in a hostel 15 minutes away and paints to his heart’s desire every day. Says the budding artist, “Now, I can achieve my dreams.”