To The ‘Desperate Jerk’ I Met On The Bus, This Is Why I Slapped You

Posted on May 25, 2016

By Shef A:

For representation only. Source: Flickr.

I was already having a rough day. I wanted to reach college in time as I had some important errands at hand. But my anxiety worsened when I entered the bus and saw your face. It was no less than that of a demon.

From the moment I took my seat, I could see you turning your face towards me time and again. I was forced to tighten the dupatta around my face. I was wearing ‘decent’ clothes. I was travelling in the bright light of the day. Why couldn’t you mind your own business? What made you stare persistently? Feeling the cloth in this scorching heat was miserable, but I had to, as you virtually mauled me.

You weren’t satisfied yet. You took a seat next to me as soon you got the chance. I pretended not to care. I could sense you taking advantage of the situation when we were three people on one dilapidated seat. There wasn’t enough leg space. So you thought it was the right time to show your ‘man’ power.

I did not like you sitting so close. I loathed your slightest touch. I crouched with all my energy to stay away from you. You pretended to be frivolous. I could feel your hand near my thighs. I shifted my bag thrice to keep it away from me. Meanwhile, you tried to invade all the leg space I had. I requested you, “Bhaiya, please udhar ho jao.” But you did not pay heed to it. I had to place my hand out of the window to make some decent space for myself.

After the third person on our seat left, you had ample space to sit comfortably. But I found you repeating the same pattern again. I remember pushing my bag in all possible directions, so as to avoid your filthy touch. I wanted to blurt out all the nasty cuss words I knew but I avoided hurling them out. I just prayed to God to get me to the bus stand as soon as possible.

Even as we arrived at the bus stand, you continued to act like a desperate jerk. You pestered me with your creepy looks. I was done with the torment for the day. Yes, that’s the reason I slapped you hard in the face.

Yours ‘never’,
A common girl who travels a lot in local buses.

Author’s note: This is an incident that happened with a friend recently. I wish to convey her feelings and encourage other women to stand strong against sexual harassment.

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