A Spinal Injury Ended Her Career As A Dancer, But This Artist Came Back Stronger

Posted on June 4, 2016 in Video

By YourDost:

According to Quartz, only 30% of people around the World end up in jobs they dreamed of as kids.

We are mostly made of a society where if you are not an engineer or a doctor, your life choices are frowned upon. Very few people care about your true calling in life.

But if you have that fire in your belly to go after your dreams, no matter what, have faith in the fact that you are not alone. There are people out there, albeit few, who have refused to take no for an answer.

Meet Sangeetha Rajeev, singer, composer and performer. Her journey did not have the rosiest beginning. She wanted to become a dancer. However, a spinal cord injury prevented her from dancing. Physical injuries, debilitating as they are, are nothing compared to the mental scars they leave. Sangeetha was also a victim of this mental trauma, as she cried herself to sleep every night. It was the sense of dependency on others that perhaps affected her the most because she could no longer do things herself.

While most would have succumbed to depression and asked the question, “Why me?” Sangeetha Rajeev mustered all her mental strength and courage to rise to this new challenge life had thrown at her. Why cry about what you can’t do, when there are so many things you can do, right?

So, Sangeetha took up singing instead as she knew she wanted a career as a performer. And you know what? Her back got better too! The rest, as they say, is history.