Watch: A Student Reveals A Glaring Problem With DU’s Online Admission

Posted on June 15, 2016

By Abhimanyu:

I had visited Delhi University to report on the new online admission process. Being a hot and humid day, I was looking for some relief, when suddenly I spotted a group of three students walking down together, holding hands, in the premises of the Faculty of Arts. All three were blind. I immediately ran towards them to offer support in helping them navigate their way out.

After we exchanged names, one of them asked me, “Are you a journalist?” I replied, “Yes” and then I noticed, they were leading me towards a specific direction. When I asked them where they were taking me, they smiled and asked me to not worry. “We are taking you to our special centre, where we can sit and chat nicely.”

After a few minutes, we were inside the centre for persons with disability. Kuldeep, a final year law student, told me that he had completed BA Honors from Delhi University, and was now looking to pursue an LLM degree and join the judiciary.

In this video, Kuldeep shares his views on the new online admission process, as well as the challenges of accessibility on campus. Not only did he give me a unique point of view, but he also introduced me to a side of the campus of which I was totally unaware.

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