Google’s ‘Bollywood Style’ Tribute To Fathers Is A Rush Of Feels

Posted on June 19, 2016 in Video

By Writu Bose:

With the unconditional love and encouragement from my parents, I spent my childhood shooting for the stars. While I was absorbed in finding my galaxy, my real life stars were silently guiding me through everything with an everlasting smile. I remember how Baba used to juggle between work and home to ensure that he was at my disposal just in time for post-lunch story readings. Those enchanting afternoons not only landed me up in an insatiable world of fantasy but also taught me the power of dreams and helped me weave my own only to reach out to them.

However, as I grew up, I realised that dreams too, sometimes remain unrequited. And more often than not, those who help us strengthen our aspirations have their own dreams unadorned.

For Father’s Day this year, Google India came out with “A Bollywood Story” depicting the tale of a father whose incomplete dreams are fulfilled by his son, a father whose eyes gleamed and shone like a thousand diamonds as he finally touched his dreams and felt them turn into reality. This video made me want to run home to my old man and tell him, “Hero kabhi retire nahi hote Papa,” it’s never too late to have your own dreams come to life (for a change), especially with me by your side.

This Father’s Day, here’s a little tribute to all the fathers, father-figures out there. Thank you so much for personifying magic.