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Does Living The Corporate Life Make Us Insensitive? I Think Yes

Posted on June 2, 2016 in Society

By Vikrockzer:

I work around people – people who come to offices carrying their tiffin, occasionally with a smile when accompanied by colleagues, bent a little, who walk slowly looking at the screen of their phone or looking down, till they reach their cosy place and switch on their computer, every day. Strangely, they seem happy, they have dreams to pursue, wishes to fulfil, things they look forward to – mostly those who are in their infancy in the corporate world. They read success stories, talk about Steve Jobs, discuss Modi sarkaar to get a sense of achievement in their life. It’s not a bad thing, nor am I different enough to criticise. However, in this daily life of ours, we inculcate the habit of ignoring those who suffer, get victimised, tortured and destroyed by the same system which has been giving you ‘the good life’ till now.

Representation only.

A manager, because of his single-mindedness, hates a particular human – one of your coworker. Many of you are working on the same thing, being equally involved and you see that your friend has been discriminated when it came to review and rating. You’re happy with yours and don’t want to lose that rating you scored, so you don’t say anything. You see that your female colleague is made to stay late and you know that she has more things to take care of after reaching home than yourself or your manager, still you console her that with ‘rukna padta hai kabhi kabhi’. After a while, you stop saying that as well.

The inculcated insensitivity is not restricted to employees around you. You neglect the life of those maintenance staff who are forced to pick up stuck chewing gums from commodes, urinals; the life of the catering staff which caters to four to five thousand people every day in his 12-hour shift and is shouted at for poor service and behaviour. Not only others, the insensitivity spreads itself over yourself too.

As a child, you used to play, jump, run throughout most of the day. Sitting for such a long time has really changed the orientation of your spinal cord. You probably join a gym or go to play volleyball, but how long does that continue – till you get married? And endless sexual problems arise too. ED, premature ejaculation, back pain (which hinders sex as well).

You probably don’t want to or won’t be able to do all the virtual hard work, so you will pass on the burden to your sub-ordinates. As you don’t have the energy to fight much, you will give the work to someone who will not be able to say anything. Now you’ve become that discriminating manager and you know others will not raise their voice. Everything is well and good so far, whatever happened, you lived your life. Sadly, not everyone can handle it but why should you care about them, right?

Throughout history, people who could not bear inequality, have fought for their rights and those of others. You can get an education irrespective of your caste; you can live freely at your home where no one orders you about, you will be at least treated as a human being – all this has been achieved because someone fought for it. Today, these economic enslavers wouldn’t even let us form unions, have gatherings, conduct strikes to peacefully make the authority understand. It happens to someone besides you, you choose to stay quiet; when it would happen to you, everyone else would stay quiet.

Does it seem like an unreasonable fight?

Does it seem unreasonable to ask for a better standard of personal life?

Does it seem unreasonable if I don’t want to be bothered if there is no work to be done?

Today we can hold either society or education or economic exploitation responsible for our present way of living. But more importantly, something needs to be changed. Human beings evolved and started living a civilised life dumping a nomadic life in jungles. We needed to feel more secure, safe and the pursuit of humanity has been higher knowledge, more awareness and sensitivity towards nature to live a healthy and peaceful life. Where have we lost it? Can we be economically independent to live a life where people do not kill or rob each other, rape or victimise someone? Where would this struggle start?

By overthrowing the tyranny of corporatocracy.

And the ground for this struggle can only be laid on the internet.

The suicides, the firing, poor standards and harassment by threatening to ruin careers – will you let this go on?