“Keep Your Mouth Shut”: Social Media Gives Salman Good Advice On His Horrific Comment

Posted on June 21, 2016 in Specials

By YKA Staff:

In an interview with entertainment portal Spotboye, Salman Khan was quoted saying, When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot [referring to ‘Sultan’], I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.” Yup, one of the India’s most popular stars just compared a physically demanding shoot to a how a ‘raped woman’ feels. In a story that came out after this interview, it was said that it went ‘unreported’ that after making this comment, Salman immediately said, I don’t think I should have (pauses). It feels like the most difficult….I couldn’t take steps. I couldn’t take steps.” That, honestly, doesn’t change much.

The fact that he didn’t think twice before making such a statement shows just how ingrained rape culture in India is. And when it comes from someone like Salman Khan who has a massive fan following of people who would believe anything and everything he says, it becomes more problematic.

His father, Salim Khan, has apologised for his son’s remark, though Salman has kept silent on the issue so far.

Users on social media were quick to point out everything that was wrong with the statement. Their comments also serve as an important reality check to the millions of fans who idolise the actor like nobody’s business. 

“Idolise the right people.”


Gentle reminder.

“I never quite understood the worshipping and idolising of this self-assuring ‘being human’.”

Keep your mouth shut.

Sad truth?

How can we undermine the horror?

“We created him. We consumed him. We condoned him. We applauded him.”

“The trauma and the social stigma that a victim of rape faces is something that no one can account for.”

This had to be said.

Will Bollywood take a stand?

And yet there are those trying to justify it.

Whether the actor meant it or not isn’t the point. The problem here, is how easy it is for anyone to make rape jokes and pass it off as ‘no big deal’. This, in some way or the other, continues to push the idea that rape is also ‘no big deal’. And that is far from the truth.