Why These 5 Politicians Need To Mind Their (Abusive) Language

Posted on July 22, 2016 in Society

By Badrul Duja:

At a time when India is considered the next big thing in the world, divisive and unethical politics has started in India. This happened especially after the BJP formed its government at the Centre and thanks to their soft stand against their leaders who have time and again attempted to damage the social fabric of the Indian people. UP BJP’s vice president Dayashankar Singh recently said that Mayawati “was worse than a prostitute”. The next day, he was fired from his post due to his unethical and sexist remarks. Perhaps it’s not a new thing for all of us. Such shameful remarks appear to be the norm in BJP in the last two years. We witnessed several leaders from the BJP, Shiv Sena etc. making abusive, sexist, racist and communal remarks against their political rivals and people. Dayashankar Singh’s remark is the perfect example of the culture in politics that the BJP leadership appears to be promoting for the last two years.

From Subramanian Swamy to Giriraj Singh, from Sadhvi Prachi to Gen. V.K. Singh, from Yogi Adityanath to Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, from Sakshi Maharaj to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, BJP leaders must mind their language. They have contributed enough to divide India along the lines of religion, caste or sex.

Giriraj Singh

Union Minister and BJP MP from Bihar, Giriraj Singh appears to be openly spreading hatred and racism in India and outside India too. In 2015, Giriraj Singh had asked, “Had Rajiv Gandhi married a Nigerian woman and if she was not a white-skinned woman, would the Congress have then accepted her leadership?” According to him, therefore, because Sonia Gandhi was ‘white-skinned’, she was accepted. This racist remark not only embarrassed the Central government, it embarrassed the whole of India as the Nigerian Ambassador demanded an apology from him over his racist remark. The same Union Minister spewed venom against those who wouldn’t vote for PM Modi. He said that Modi’s critics should go to Pakistan.

Yogi Adityanath

BJP MP from UP and Union Minister Yogi Adityanath is leaving no stone unturned in spreading venom especially against the Muslims of India. Sometimes, he asks Shah Rukh Khan to migrate to Pakistan, sometimes he appeals to Hindu girls not to marry Muslim boys. If a Muslim girl marries a Hindu boy, he is happy. If a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, its ‘love jihad’, therefore, he is not happy. He comfortably compares Shah Rukh Khan with Hafiz Saeed and blames Muslims for communal violence. Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley and PM Modi hardly ever dare to stop him from spreading such hatred.

Sadhvi Prachi

VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi is enjoying her honeymoon period of spreading Hindutva extremism in India without any hindrances. She offered 50 lakh rupees for Zakir Naik’s death without thinking about any consequences, which would be mostly divisive and communal. Prachi Ji publicly confessed that she is working for making India a Muslim-free land. It feels like she is working to make a separate state for Indian Muslims like Pakistan. Sometimes she advises Indian people to boycott the movies of the three Khans as she feels they are promoting ‘love jihad’. She had something to say about our parliamentarians as well when she said that some Muslim parliamentarians are terrorists. She bravely calls M.K. Gandhi a ‘British agent‘ and no one from the GOI or from BJP, VHP or RSS dares to stop her from spreading hatred.

Sakshi Maharaj

Another BJP MP, he is also a controversial figure during these years. His statements are of great significance as they clearly expose how low a parliamentarian can stoop for mere votes. Sometimes, he is concerned about the declining population of Hindus in India. As per his advice, Hindu women must produce at least four children to protect the Hindu religion. I wonder what protection he is talking about. Only 15-20 crore Muslims live in India and he is afraid of them? Sometimes he is ready to build the Ram Temple without understanding the historical or cultural links of Muslims in India with that site, and without understanding the divisive consequences it can lead to.

He gave another shocker to the people of India when he claimed that he was a ‘true Muslim’ as Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was a great yogi. After all, MPs like Sakshi Maharaj can compare yoga with Namaz. On the cow issue, Maharaj further showcased communalism by proclaiming that for the protection of our mother cow, “We are ready to kill and get killed.” All his statements have evoked great communal tension between Muslims and Hindus. And again, no one from the GOI or from BJP, VHP or RSS dares to stop him from spreading hatred.

Subramanian Swamy

He is a BJP MP in Rajya Sabha and is known for his anti-Muslim, anti-Kashmir and anti-Congress remarks. He is very concerned about ‘ghar wapsi‘ (homecoming) of the Indian people. Apart from ‘ghar wapsi’, he is known for other anti-Muslim statements as well. These days he’s busy in making sure that the Ram Temple issue is in the newspaper headlines, probably because UP’s state elections are coming soon. No one from the government wants to take proper action to be taken against him.

Similarly, we heard about RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remark on Mother Teresa, Union Minster Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti referring to Muslims as haramzade, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s remark that those who eat beef should go to Pakistan, and so on. All these comments, remarks or statements are again and again damaging the social fabric of India, where Muslims and Christians seem to be feeling increasingly alienated. Now, the UP election is coming soon. I expect scores of communal statements and remarks from BJP leaders for ‘vote bank’ politics. But the damage it is doing to India should be a matter of concern for all Indians. For all we know, some Muslims of India might be feeling that the two-nation theory may not have been a very bad option. Muslims in India are scared. They haven’t forgotten Dadri, they haven’t forgotten the two-nation theory and its consequences either. What is more, such comments could further help the politics of the likes of Asaduddin Owaisi as they will grab more Muslim votes due to each anti-Muslim statement they make.

All Indian politicians, especially those from the BJP and affiliated organisations should behave as genuine, cultured and decent public figures. Divisive politics might win you votes but, in the long run, it will divide your own country. The Muslims of India rejected the two-nation theory but this kind of politics, and remarks are probably making them regret their decision.